Car Insurance

Car insurance is an integral part of driving. Some drivers don't fully understand how auto insurance works or what it entails. Insurance not only protects your vehicle from damages, but it also protects you from personal liability.

What insurance is required?

Insurance requirements vary from state to state, but most require a liability policy. This provides coverage against 3rd-party costs incurred from an accident, such as medical and vehicle repair costs.

Additional types of insurance that can be added to your policy are:

  • Comprehensive: provides coverage against factors beyond your control, like natural disasters or vandalism.
  • Medical: covers hospital costs associated with medical bills from an accident.
  • Personal Injury: is in line with medical coverage, but it goes a step further and provides compensation for issues like loss of income due to an accident.
  • Collision Coverage: provides coverage to your vehicle after an accident.

When deciding what type of car insurance you need, it's important to consider your premium and deductible. The higher your deductuble, the lower your monthly premium. This can make a big difference over time, especially if you're a safe driver.

However, having a higher deductible also means you'll pay more out of pocket should you need to file a claim.

Different insurance companies offer varying types of benefits. Many of these companies offer discounts for multiple policies or more than one vehicle.

How much does car insurance cost?

Factors that determine car insurance premiums are as follows:

Make and Model of Car, Age of Car, Age of Driver, State, Amount of Coverage Needed.

Less-experienced drivers will typically pay higher monthly fees than those with more driving experience. Similarly, high-end vehicle owners will also be paying more per month.

There are additional discounts that can impact the price of premiums. Things like auto club memberships, college enrollment, and a clean driving record can weigh in your benefit.

By examining the market and comparing a variety of auto insurance quotes with Auto Policy Market, you can increase the likelihood of getting the best coverage you need. Get in touch with a licensed insurance agent to set up your plan today.

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